Backlinking can be hazardous to your website!

Just look up Matt Cutts on Google and you’ll see plenty about Google’s thoughts on the subject.

Gone are the days of the back-linking Wild West. You know, hire some person on Fivrr to get you 5000 back-links so your site will rank higher. Search Engines are onto these types of shenanigans. Nothing against Fivrr. I’ve had some pretty neat stuff produced that site. But they were never back- link related.

Is backlinking to your website essential? Yes

Should it happen in a natural, organic fashion? Yes

Should you have a strategy? Yes

Can bad backlinks effect your rankings? Yes

There’s a right way and wrong way to establish back-links. If you want to climb up the search rankings you should tread carefully. For example, have you ever asked a webmaster in East Bulgaria to remove a backlink from their XXX home page to your auto repair site?

It’s not a fruitful conversation.

You can go to Google’s webmaster site to try to block the link. But, if you’ve got 5000 bad back-links then get ready to set aside 5 years of your life.

If you get nothing else from this site please heed this warning. Be very, very judicious about who’s linking to your site.

We like to call it “The Velvet Rope” policy and you get to be the bouncer.

What’s the right way to backlink?

There really is no secret strategy. The backlinks need to be natural and they should be follow and no follow. if you have all follow backlinks then it will look suspicious to the search engines.

Develop quality content your visitors will find so interesting or relevant that they’ll just want to share it through Twitter, FaceBook, Linked-In etc.,.

Perhaps an instructional video on YouTube that links back to your site or to a page on your site that is dedicated to the same type of content in the video. The video gets shared; your page gets views.

A recent example of a bad back-linking strategy.

A new client came to us with a problem. He’s an attorney. Some years ago he needed a website. Not knowing where to turn he contacted the company that provided a lot of the reference materials for his practice. They purchased a domain name for him, provided hosting and created a website. For a monthly fee they maintained the site and updated the content that the attorney provided. So far so good. They also agreed to provide a backlinking service so the clients website would rank better in the search engines. This worked for a while until Google changed the rules. Now his site languishes at the back of the search index for main keyword phrases because of an untold number of bad backlinks. He did everything right except giving over control of the backlinking strategy to the website provider.

He’s not alone in making this fatal mistake.

We’re currently trying to figure out how to extricate him from this contract without paying too large of a penalty. Trust me, since this company is well versed in legalese it’s not going to be easy. And he’s an attorney!

What’s the solution for him?

We’re developing a new site, with a new domain name and getting him set up on his own hosting platform. Then he controls all of his internet properties.

His only Monthly | Annual fee will be to the hosting provider and his domain name. Seems drastic, but sometimes when there’s just too many of these bad backlinks you have to start over. With the right approach he should be back up and ranking in a very short while.

Backlinking strategies require a thoughtful approach.

We’ll analyze your current backlinks and see which ones are useful and which could be a drag on your rankings. Then we’ll repair what we can. If it’s beyond hope then we’ll tell you and you go from there. Either continue to call Webmasters around the World and Google, or pull the plug and start over.

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