What is Local Search Marketing?

Example of Local Search Marketing and Google PlacesLocal Search is about getting your business found by local prospects.

Getting found through local search by buyers looking for their services is the single biggest struggle for local businesses . If you are going to have an online presence then you need to pay attention to this part of your marketing efforts. More and more people are using their phone and the internet to find a local business to answer their questions, solve their problems or buy merchandise.  If you have a website and rely on local traffic then you need to have a plan in place to deal with your local presence. This is where a system designed to handle your local search is needed now more than ever before.

Five questions to ask yourself about your current local search setup.

Is your service or product listed in your URL or domain name?

For example, Is your site listed as businessname.com when perhaps having a domain of localtownseptic repair.com would work better? I can’t speak for Google but we know through trial and error that our clients get better results with local search when they choose a domain that reflects their town or state combined with the service or product they offer.

Is your phone number in large font at the top of your page?

We have fixed many sites that had made it a chore to find phone number and contact information on the front page of their sites.

  Do you have directions and hours listed on the front page for local search?

You should have your hours listed and your address in an easy to find place in larger font on the front page of your site. If you get ambitious you can even have a link to Google Maps and make it even easier to have your local clients and prospects find you.

 Have you claimed your free Google Places listing for local search?

For the time being this is being made available to local businesses for free. The benefit of this listing is you can show your hours, location, and services or products that you offer. And because it is Google making this offer for local search you will get listed even without a website. You can also claim a listing with Bing Local Search and Yahoo Local Search.

Have you listed your business in business directories such as Yelp, Merchants Circle, Angie’s List etc. to help with your local search efforts?

These listings are also free – although they will try to sell you paid features this is not necessary to start – and give you a chance to have your listing include your domain hence giving you more credibility in both Google’s eyes and also your prospects.

This is just a start to get your local search efforts going. There are many other ways to optimize your local search presence and we would be happy to help you dominate your area for the service or products you provide.

Just call us and we can help you with your local search efforts.

We’ll even give you a free analysis of your website and specific ideas to help you improve your rankings in the search engines and local search.